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What is the universe made of?

from Dennis Wildfogel Wed Mar 02, 2016

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The atoms around you have existed for billions of years -- and most originated in the flaming, gaseous core of a star. Dennis Wildfogel tells the captivating tale of these atoms' long journeys from the Big Bang to the molecules they form today.


Dennis Wildfogel         Educator

Adam Comiskey         Director

Ash Barker                 Animator

Samantha Davies       Artist

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Comments 1

Authorize please.

  • Archie Sowell

    1. The big bang has very little evidence for it. Yes, it is the most supported theory but not only is there little evidence, very little is known about the logistics of what happened. By the way, can we stop calling it "the big bang"? There are plenty of more apt terms but describing an already really complicated event with a misnomer is really irresponsible.
    2. The title was never explained so I will do it here. The universe is made up of three, possible two things. These are space-time, particles and energy. It's very possible that all particles are quanta (collections of energy such as photons) which would mean that there is only two: space-time and energy. That's it. That's what the entire universe is made out of. For anyone who isn't following, atoms are made out of particles: electrons, protons and neutrons. The last two are made out of quarks which are also particles.


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