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Buyer Terms


This Buyer Terms  is effective as of February 22, 2016.


This agreement establishes and regulates the relations between the Buyer and other registered users. provides the technical possibility of such  interaction.

The user who signed up  as a Buyer agrees and assumes all the obligations imposed on him by these Buyer Terms, as well as is subject to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


By these terms, we mean:

"Authors" - the creators of meaning; authors / creators and owners of the Works that are presented at our site.

"Works" - all kinds of Author’s creative activity.

"Partners" - teachers and mentors who provide "Lessons / Schools", as well as their professional services, which help Authors to obtain the skills and necessary results.

"Lessons / Schools" – these are the videos including the demonstration of the processes and tasks for obtaining the necessary skills.

"Co-producers" - the people supporting a particular Author and / or his Works by contributing money resources into the Author’s "Foundation" and controlling this Fund with the aim of producing, promoting and enhancing the Author’s skills.

"Foundation" - targeted funds collected for financing the skills improvement, promoting and producing the Author.

"Buyers" - buyers of non-exclusive or exclusive property rights on Author’s Works, as well as buyers-customers on the performance of their professional services by the Authors.


The Buyer undertakes to:

- Perform the Terms of Use and other site requirements;

- Actively participate in the development and harmonization the conditions of the proposed transaction, which is subject to the acquisition of the rights to the Author's Works and/or Services;

- Strictly comply with the terms of the transaction made with the acquisition of rights to the Author's Works and/or Services, including payment terms.


The Buyer has the right to:

- Actively participate in the development and harmonization of the transaction development;

- Take the rights to the Work and/or service provided transmitted on the transaction; platform provides the ability for the Buyer to interact with other registered users. does not assume any risks and limits its liability from any claim up to the limit of 100 USD. platform provides:

- The possibility of choosing the Works and/or Services by a certain number of indicators including demand and popularity;

- The possibility of implementing proposals (ImeStar Agent offer) to the selling side;

- The possibility of harmonizing the transaction conditions;

- The fixation of the Rights transfer;

- The ability to make the necessary financial transactions while selling or purchasing the rights within system. does not carry out the pre-moderation of Works.

The responsibility for the content rests with the Author. does not carry out the pre-moderation of Lessons and Schools.

Responsibility for the content rests with the Partner. is not a party of the agreement, and it only provides the ability to interact for the registered participants. does not charge additional fees from the Buyer on the acquisition of rights and/or services. Please note the credit card fees for processing payments.



Refunds are available to the Buyer within three weeks (21 days) from the date of incoming demands but on the condition that these funds are credited and are on the Buyer’s personal account, due to deducting commissions of payment systems. The funds paid or debited from the Buyer’s personal account in the execution of the deal on the acquisition of the right to Work and /or Services for their return, subject to the relevant procedure of the settlement of return between the Buyer and the Selling side (Co-producers pool representing the Author). provides only a platform and service - direct rights holder and the agent acting on behalf of the selling party including the Author acts Co-producers pool. If disputes arise, playground is ready to present all the material for the preparation, adoption and implementation of such deals occurring within ImeStar  platform.


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