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The Collective Producing.
Supporting of your talent in exchange for sharing the fruits of your creativity!

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Fundamentals ImeStar

- What is ImeStar?

ImeStar is a platform uniting creative people from their fans and experts for training, promoting and producing these authors-beginners.

- How does ImeStar work?

The platform provides tools to collect and manage author's personal Funds, they are the source of financing growth the author’s skills. You can get more information in chapter How it Works?

- How much it costs to join ImeStar?

Registration and joining to the community ImeStar is free for all interested users.

- Who can become a member (registered user) ImeStar?

Anyone who has been 18 years old and consciously accept the relevant Terms of Use. Persons aged from 13 to 18 years old can be registered only under the supervision and with the written consent of their legal guardian.

- Who determines the essence for the user on the platform of ImeStar?

This is the free choice of the user, important to understand what the partner wants and what he has a tendency at the moment. The user is not forbidden to act as any of the four identified essences on the platform.

- Who are the teachers and mentors ImeStar?

All interested persons can become partners ImeStar. They can teach their followers online. Also, Partners (teachers and mentors) can sell their off-line services through the platform ImeStar.

- What are the principles of community ImeStar?

See Terms of Use:

ImeStar is not a place for hatred, abuse, discrimination, disrespect, profanity, meanness, harassment, or spam. Do not:

use the Services to promote violence, degradation, subjugation, discrimination or hatred against individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity;

post images or videos that are sexually explicit or post links to sites that contain sexually explicit material or show people or animals being hurt or degraded;

spam the comments sections or other Users with offers of goods and services or inappropriate messages;

engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the proper working of the Services or any activities conducted on the Services; or

take any action that imposes, in ImeStar’s sole discretion, an unreasonable load on ImeStar's infrastructure.

represent works (products) created by others as your own creation, or act as a reseller of other’s works  (products).

ImeStar reserves the right to remove content  and terminate User Accounts for such activities.

You shall not upload to, distribute, or otherwise publish through this Site any Content, information, or other material that (a) violates or infringes the copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights of any person; (b) is libelous, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic, or could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under U.S. or international law; or (c) includes any bugs, viruses, worms, trap doors, Trojan horses or other harmful code or properties.

- How can I report about violation of the principles community?

You can use the feedback form on the page Write to us selecting the appropriate message type (Type of question).

- How can I report about copyright infringement?

On the page Work that violates your copyright is an appropriate checkbox, it will be allowed to start the appeal.

- How can I contact ImeStar?

We welcome your interested letters! Use, please, the feedback form on the page Write to us.

- Where can I find a producer and an interested agent?

Yes, you turned to the right address! ImeStar helps you to meet and unite the efforts of all stakeholders. Read the details, please, see How it Works? and For Authors.

- Can I become a teacher or a mentor ImeStar and transfer my skills?

Yes, definitely! We welcome everybody who wants to transfer own knowledge and skills. Besides video training, you can provide yours service of users platform ImeStar. You can read more detailed information in the relevant section For Partners and on the next page of Questions and Answers.

- Can I producing talented?

The level of talent of authors and their preferences you set personally. Having made choice and contribution, you become the producer (co-producers) of Fund, the aim is to increase the level of skills chosen author. Doing tasks on achieving that aim you must do the functions of producer (Co-producer). You can read more detailed information in the relevant section For Co-producers and on the next page of Questions and Answers


The question of Authors

- What work can I post on ImeStar?

All your works can be posted on a platform ImeStar. You can also provide copyright enforcement. The prerequisite is compliance with copyrights of others and principles of community ImeStar.

- What does co-management rights at work, or composition?

Registering on our website ImeStar you assume the obligation to transmit all the exclusive rights to your Works (compositions) in co-management. You are the author of the Works, but to dispose of such works and to make any decisions on their use will be the persons who contributed to special Support Funds. These persons are Co-producers, they are the managers of collected personal Funds, which aim to enhance your skills and your author promotion. This management right to your work is common because you will have a veto over these decisions. Again, you as the author remain a beneficiary of the government, together with other members according to defined shares.

- What is the distribution of the income between the parties?

Please, read the data on Pricing & Fees.

- What period are the accepted my deal extended?

You as the author, sign a contract with your co-producer for 90 months. This is a reasonable period there is the opportunity to jointly achieve the ambitious aims.

- Can somebody buy or change my contract (agreement) during this period?

Yes, this deal can happen if Co-producers make such decision. You make directly involved with a veto over working off conditions of such future agreement.

- What rights on my works can I pass?

You are the author of works. In this case, the transfer of all the exclusive rights to these works. This makes it possible, in the future, Co-producer made appropriate contributions receive appropriate share of the revenue from the management of such rights including full sale such work.

- How can I cancel accepted the deal?

Relatively painless, it can be resolved to received Co-producers, who made contributions to Funds of your support. In this case, you must submit an statement to our support service. We have to lock your account to prevent making contributions. If you have already users (Co-producer), which made appropriate contributions – you will need to regulate relations in the framework of commitments yourself.

- Can I get money from the Trust Fund?

Yes, you can. But the managers of the Fund must take this decision, - Co-producer, who made contributions.

- Why are finance charges on my training, promotion, and advertising done through the Trust Fund? Can’t you give me cash?

In this form of interaction achieved several aims. First, your skills, as the author has constant feedback from most stakeholders (Co-producers). Who will be the risk having an aim, increase your capitalization using growth your skill? Thus, the second goal, that interaction - it is received an additional powerful motivator that some authors are essential. We believe that the form of financing through trust funds is very effective, also because of the possibility of mutual control in the joint promotion of the aim. If the question comes getting cash for these purposes - see the answer to the previous question.

- What is the registration contribution?

This is a single payment that provides functionality to attract Co-producer and build personal trust Funds. The cost of the registration contribution see Pricing & Fees. You do not need to do the registration contribution for functionality to attract Co-producer - with hit any of your works in the TOP of the site. If your work gets in any TOP - you automatically have the opportunity to attract Co-producer and create the appropriate Trust Funds.

- How do I subscribe to the School or Lessons?

The subscription can be performed only registered users. You must be registered as an author. You just need to select the appropriate Lesson or School and click subscribe. Subject subscription paid Lessons / Schools - should be required amount of money to your wallet account.

- What is the possible interaction with partners (teacher, mentor)?

When providing online training partner is able to use not only the explanatory video. The tools may be questions and answers among all signatories such material and information exchange group. Partner chooses own form of interaction with subscribers.

- How to become famous?

Our answer – join the community ImeStar, as author :) After registering online, you need to select a category or multiple categories in which you intend to create. You must obey your talents. The total lack of protection may prevent the aim. Further, only hard work and constant interaction with your most loyal supporters, co-producer, will bring the desired results. Do not forget that Partners (teachers and mentors) are key persons in the transfer of skills that you will need to overcome the road to recognition. Also important to play this high-quality partner services that can be provided off-line.

- Can I promote my works (or copyright enforcement) on the platform ImeStar?

Yes, you have the possibility of advancement in the creation (Create new promotion) in your Dashboard.

- What are other tools available to me as the registered author?

Own Author account has sufficient functionality to track necessary statistics for own works, and conducted by promotion, by accepting or rejecting offers third-party co-producer and sole Customers in tab Confirmations. The internal email will allow users to contact without leaving your personal cabinet. There is a good opportunity to organize your events through the public part of your profile Fan Club (FAN Club). You can do yourself or delegate administration page Fan Club registered one of yours supporters.

- How can I communicate with other authors?

You have the opportunity to comment the work of other authors.

For your own costs, you can make proper advance work or an author profile.

You also have the ability to make internal transfers to registered users in the system ImeStar, using the button Transfer funds tab Transactions.

- How do I view my payment history?

For this purpose their Transactions tab in your account.

- How can I add and edit my work?

You better prepare everything in advance. Clicking Upload new in your Dashboard or similar with an arrow on a cloud, with authorized entrance, you will need to select the category of work you intend to download. Next, you should carefully go through all the downloading. Acceptance of Terms (Terms) Categories is mandatory. Edit your work you can within 24 hours of loading. Critical is the appearance of the first installment (Co-producer). This moment is fixing support this work. Following the adoption of the Fund referred Work stops editable.

- My work can belong to several categories at once. Can I put the same work in more than one category?

No, you can't. Placing the same work simultaneously in more than one category will result in a conflict between the Co-producer on rights management and their sales.

- How many producers and agents required for actor (the artistic) happiness? You might think: hell! How and where to find even one ?!

We believe that many producers have not only harm to actor happiness, but on the contrary! The more users who want to make their contribution to the funds supporting actor the more. Considering the reduction of risk of each investor, and thus at the same time increase the number of those wishing to take part in this. This again will increase the supply of such producing. We are confident that it will be like many artists, again a qualitative and quantitative change to better market promotion talents.

In order to find such support and a producer, you need to join the community by registering ImeStar author.

- How can a force of people (I know that I will have great support) manage the process of producing?

This is precisely our problem. We do everything to manage the process producing large numbers of people. Currently, this is technical solution implemented by us that we present to our users. We are also open to your comments and suggestions. Let’s be perfect together!

- Why is co-management rights in my Work or Composition more profitable to me?

It is better to have a little piece of the real, huge and delicious cake, rather than have all illusion non-existent pie. We believe that your pie, this is your talent will be much more likely to grow in conjunction with interested parties. Valuable to grow your talent is interaction. And who does not like those who have made contributions can be a party with the highest interest in your development? So the interaction is most effective.

- What is important for the Creator? And you? And for you as a creator?

For the credibility necessary to lead this quote, even a quote from the Book? Although let's say how I feel, he believes us to be. To His creation took place. I think that for any creator importantly, to what he intended - is done, the created; I was the creator of a dreamer.  Have you noticed that some of the really great creators did not even leave the signature in their creations? Maybe it's the desire to follow Him? Looking like in the image and likeness" !? Not urge to get rid of authorship. Well, except that in this big, about which wrote many masterpieces of antiquity: The author is unknown :). Joke. Others who worry that his work moved from the category of ideas into reality place to start for themselves the question: what is important to you as a creator? And if the answer goes back to the previous question on our list - glad to see you in our community!

- Are exceptions to the rule "3F (family, friends, and fools)" for attracting funds?

I think that you can answer this question. We want the community ImeStar to become one big family and caring friends. But suddenly nobody felt like a fool or deceived, ImeStar team will do everything best. But above all, we provide an opportunity to investors (donors / Backers) manage their money to achieve a common goal.

- I have accumulated so big amount of money from advertisements placed on my page and on joint management rights, how can I use them?

The ImeStar platform allows authors to perform the following operations:

Promotion their activities and profile;

Promotion works or profiles of other users;

Subscription for paid lessons and school partners (teachers and mentors);

Using the service offline Partnership;

Remittance to the user in the middle of the platform ImeStar;

- If I want to withdraw funds from the system at own account?

You must give this your SSN / EIN by completing and attaching the appropriate form (1099 for individuals or Tax ID for business) in your profile.


Questions Partners (teachers, counselors, mentors)

- Who are the teachers and mentors ImeStar?

All interested persons can become partners ImeStar. They can teach their followers online. Also, Partners (teachers and mentors) can sell their off-line services through the platform ImeStar.

- Can I become a teacher or a mentor ImeStar and transfer my skills?

Yes, definitely! We welcome everybody who wants to transfer own knowledge and skills. Besides video training, you can provide yours service of users platform ImeStar. Please, pay attention the necessary condition for this is an observance of the principles community of ImeStar. You can read more detailed information in the relevant section For Partners and on the next page of Questions and Answers.

- What Lessons and Schools can I created and placed on ImeStar?

All you need to improve skills and provide skills demanded Authors community ImeStar, we are welcome! It should be noted that the greatest demand is precisely applied materials technology give the issue here and now.

- How many followers do I have?

Actually, it will depend on the popularity of your materials. The number of followers we are not limiting.

- Can I create Lessons and Schools on topics unrelated to my professional activities?

We do not limit the partners in their work. It should be remembered that the choice of categories in which you place your lessons and schools facilitate their search for potential followers.

- What is the cost to install your stuff?

It is your own business. I would like to note that at a lower cost, more likely, to increase the number of your followers. Your awareness and popularity will increase. It is, in fact, not only gives opportunity to increase revenue and make your business advertising profitable for you!

- How can I promote their content on the platform ImeStar?

Your Dashboard lets to create a promo for yours Lessons, Schools and personal profile which you can distribute the pages of our platform.

- How can I make selling their offline services?

You can deploy services on your profile page, and the video observation and relevant links to their own site. Interested authors or Сo-producers will send you requests, suggestions on the basis of your submitted data. To coordinate the relevant terms of the agreement and the process of providing services, use Confirmations tab on your Dashboard. Upon reaching the agreements, the interested party will carry out money transfer to your wallet.

- How else can I interact with others?

For communication with other users, you can use the internal email platform ImeStar.

You can comment any Works of the Author.

You can make internal transfers to registered users in the system ImeStar, using the button Transfer funds in the tab Transactions.

- How can I view my payment history?

There is Transactions tab in your account.

- Is a good legacy To pass own skills and knowledge?

No doubt :). We believe the foundation of our humanity and unconditional prerequisite for the further development of civilization. It’s not impossible to progress without such heredity, and people would not those who they are. All material property (including culture) are only this legacy.


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