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Author Terms


This Author Terms is effective as of February 22, 2016.


This agreement establishes and regulates the relationship between the Author and other registered users. provides the technical possibility of such  interaction.

The user  who signed up  as an Author, agrees and assumes all the obligations imposed on him by these Author Terms, as well as is subject to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


By these terms, we mean:

"Authors" - the creators of meaning; authors / creators and owners of the Works that are presented at our site.

"Works" -  all kinds of Author’s creative activity.

"Partners" - teachers and mentors who provide "Lessons / Schools", as well as their professional services, which help Authors to obtain the skills and necessary results.

"Lessons / Schools" – these are the videos including the demonstration of the processes and tasks for obtaining the necessary skills.

"Co-producers" - the people supporting a particular Author and / or his Works by contributing money resources into the Author’s "Foundation" and controlling this Fund with the aim of producing, promoting and enhancing the Author’s skills.

"Foundation" - targeted funds collected for financing the skills improvement, promoting and producing the Author.

"Buyers" - buyers  of non-exclusive or exclusive property rights on Author’s Works, as well as buyers-customers on the performance of their professional services by the Authors.


The Author guarantees:

- The works belong exclusively to him (the Author) and he has the right to possess, dispose and use including ownership transfer right;

- The Works and rights to them are not  the subject to sale, mortgage, transfer to any other third party, as well as the Author does not assume any obligations to any third party as for Rights to such Works;

- The Author does not represent the products created by others as his own creation, and does not act as their reseller.



Do not post one and the same work in more than one Category.

Responsibility for violation carries the Author.


The Author undertakes to:

- Transfer to the Co-producers (Co-producer) his property rights, in understanding all the exclusive North American rights ("Rights"), for the Works which he places on the site and undertakes to  transfer  the Rights on the results of his creative activity in the chosen Category, which will be obtained in the result of the Author’s producing by the Co-producers (including training, promotion and advertising);

- Actively participate in the process of  learning, acquiring skills and its  improvement;

- Actively participate in proposals development for Co-producers solutions;

- Make his best efforts in achieving objectives formalized by the Co-producers/Co-producer the decisions;

- Actively and diligently perform the tasks assigned by the Co-producers/Co-producer;

- Strictly comply with all terms of conditions made in the sale of Rights to Works and/or Services;

- Comply with the requirements imposed on him by the present Author Terms, as well as the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, and take responsibility for their violation;

- Compensate for all losses caused to the parties in consequence of the failure of the assumed obligations and/or their improper implementation, as well as for premature termination of the agreement and/or repudiation.


The Author has the right to:

- Post his Works on the website adhering to the Terms of Use and other conditions of the site;

- Actively participate in the process of learning, acquiring skills and its improvement;

- Actively participate in proposals development for Co-producers solutions;

- Make his best efforts in achieving objectives formalized by the decisions of the Co-producers/Co-producer;

- Veto the proposal in a well-argued manner;

- Get the relevant part of the income from the use of the Right to Work and / or Services, including the subsequent sale thereof;

- Independently and at his own expense subscribe to the Schools and Lessons of the Partners;

- Independently and at own expense perform promotional activities on site;

- Receive services provided by the Partners and defined by the Co-producers with funding from the Author's collected Funds;

- Independently and at own expense order and receive the services provided by the Partners;


The features in separate Categories

Category Actors:

The Product and therefore the Work of the Author in this Category are the performance services. The Artists transfer the Rights to performance services.

CAUTION for the Inventions and Technology Categories:

Authors – inventors shall understand and bear the risks independently in the need to obtain patent protection for Works prior to their public offering on the site

Where do the Rights cannot be delegated or transferred:

Category Business:

Business, as an idea, may not be the subject of a Rights transfer.

Here at is happening only the beginning of the preparation of a businessman and his business directly to the offline activities. The Author, as a novice businessman checks his ideas on the relevance of the market, with the ability to test the real demand for pre-order, or the opportunity to participate in the future enterprise.

Category Sciences:

Scientific research and studies as well cannot be subject of a Rights transfer. The Authors, as well as Co-producers understand and accept as a condition that in most cases there can be no transfer of Rights for the Science Category. It may be possible, but only with those derivatives that can go for scientific research and development, and that may have a commercial and practical value.

The 'pure' (not applied) scientific discoveries the Co-producers can count on the references to them as sponsors of the opening/studies/surveys, and/or rely on the good will of the Author, when giving the name/naming the discovery/phenomena/studies. platform provides  the possibility of interaction for the Author with other registered users, including the  Co-producers supporting, but does not guarantee the presence of the Co-producers interested in cooperation with the Author, as well as does not assume any risks and limits its liability from any claims up to the limit of 100 USD.

The platform provides:

- The ability to place Author's Works;

- The possibility to review the Works presented to the public (users of the website);

- The ability to communicate with other registered users concerned;

- Provided any of Author’s Works gets in the rating of TOP – the Author receives full functionality with the ability to obtain funds into the Author’s Trust Funds;

- Or as an option, subject to the registration fee – the Author shall get the full functionality with the ability to obtain funds into the Author’s Trust Funds;

- The ability to actively interact with the Co-producers (users who made a contribution to the corresponding Author's Fund), in order to achieve the objectives of producing, namely enhancing the skills and competencies of Authors and promoting them and their Works;

- The ability to subscribe to the Partners Schools and Lessons and related communication from Partners and other subscribers;

- The possibility of providing technical communication including payments to obtain Partners services provided on the pages of Partners public profiles;

- Fixation of the Rights transfer;

- Crediting the Authors with the obtained relevant part of the income from the joint use of Rights to the transferred Works and/or Services provided.


Rights and obligations of the host party are represented in the Co-producer Terms.

Accordingly, the rights and duties of other registered participants are provided in the respective Buyer Terms and Partner Terms. does not carry out the pre-moderation of Works.

The responsibility for the content rests with the Author. does not carry out the pre-moderation of Lessons and Schools.

Responsibility for the content rests with the Partner. is not a party of the agreement, and it only provides the ability to interact for the registered participants.


The term of this agreement.

The term of this agreement on the active production of the Author by the Co-producer (Co-producers) in exchange for the transfer of Rights is 90 (ninety) months since the first contribution into the Author’s Fund with the possibility of further extension with the consent of the parties.

The Rights are transferred for indefinite term (without restriction of term, i.e. forever).


The income received from the transferred rights is to be shared between the parties in accordance with the Pricing & Fees.

Obtaining the relevant part of the income by the Author, his heirs, successors or authorized representatives after the expiration of this agreement shall be governed  and guaranteed under the current legislation.



The income received from registered users on tax authorities classify as taxable. For the possibility to obtain such income from the registered user, asks for tax identification number (TIN), as well as to fill it out and attach to the personal account a W-9 form, so that we could report about taxable income to the relevant tax authorities. Registered users who have a source of income at will be provided with the relevant tax documents in case, if it is required by the tax authorities.



The registration fee cannot be returned, since it is not possible to stop and return actions and ensuring scenarios (the start of the production, supporting and receiving cash in the Author’s Funds and other features complete functionality).

Refund and/or withdrawal of funds belonging to the Author are possible  minus  a fee (see Pricing & Fees).

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