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The Collective Producing.
Supporting of your talent in exchange for sharing the fruits of your creativity!

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How does it work?


We give the opportunity to become a Star!



ImeStar represents a new quality obtained in a result of synergy and involvement of new members with strong and formalized interests in the funding process, selection, training, and promotion of an aspiring Author.



1.  The Author signs up and uploading his Works for the public viewing (by Users). While signing up the Author undertakes to transfer the rights on the uploaded Works, as well as on a result of his future creative work in the selected Category.


2.  Members support the Author by contributing to the Special Author’s Fund and/or the Fund of separate Work/Creation of this Author. Users who make such contributions become Co-producers. The amounts of fees and number of users are not limited. Fund management, as well as producing of the Authors, carried out directly by those who contributed.


3.   For start-ups working on as the Author - is a preparatory stage. It is a stage of training and consulting the entrepreneur,     checking the demand for the future product or service. An aspiring entrepreneur also has the ability to collect the Fund for the financing of his project. Participants (Co-investors) may join the business of the entrepreneur in the future, or to pre-order future products. Funds transfers to the entrepreneur at the beginning of his offline business, minus resource commission (see. Pricing & Fees).


4. Users who are interested in acquiring the rights to Author’s Works or on his creativity (services/performance, that he may present) – are signed up as Buyers. The resource does not charge any of its commissions from the Buyers.


5. In a case of selling the rights on Author’s Works or on his creativity (services/performance, that he may present) the dividing and payment of the income between the Authors, Co-producers and website are presented in Pricing & Fees for Buyers.


6. Members signed up as Partners - conduct online training for Authors through the Schools/ Lessons placed in the relevant section of the resource. Directly Partners implement the task to improve the skills and competence of the Authors. The income from chargeable Schools/Lessons divided among the partners and resource (see. Pricing & Fees). Partners can also provide its professional services to Authors and groups of Co-producers/Co-investors, to enhance skills and promote first.


7. Interested advertisers place their ads on the pages of the particular Authors. The income from the advertising payments is dividing and paying to all interested parties: to the Author on whose page the advertising is placing, to users who support this Author (Co-producers), resource for providing the site and service (see. Pricing & Fees). 



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