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The Collective Producing.
Supporting of your talent in exchange for sharing the fruits of your creativity!

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For Partners (Mentors and Teachers)


If You have achieved success - tell others about it! How did You do that?


The goal: happy to share Your experiences and knowledge.


You sign up, create a profile, then register your Schools in the selected Categories and fill these Schools with Lessons. Lessons / Schools – are videos, which includes a demonstration of processes and tasks, to obtain the necessary skills. Partners set own prices for subscription on their Schools / Lessons. Partners also make their own decisions on the number of introductory (free) Lessons and/or Schools. To promote and advertise their Lessons / Schools on popular pages of the sire Partners can with a help of Promo (advertising blocks placed on the relevant pages).


We do not conduct pre-moderation of Lessons and Schools. Responsibility for violation the Terms of Use and  Contract (Partner Terms)  is carried by a Partner.


Transferring skills from Partners to Authors by Schools / Lessons - is the answer to the challenge of time. Partners can quickly respond to emerging needs complementing existing and creating new Schools while communicating with their Authors-subscribers. Solving time tasks here and now, is a competitive advantage over other forms of education.


Besides teaching the Authors who subscribed on Schools, the Partners have the opportunity to provide their professional services offline. Information about such kind of services or links to related resources, where You can find the detailed information about them, are displaying on the public profile page of the Partner. Matching the details of the deal for the provision of services between the provider Partner and Co-producers (the Fund) occurs through the internal functional - mail platform. The Funds are debiting from the account of the Fund, after the corresponding Co-producer’s decision and transferring to Partner's account in his profile. The history of transactions and final balances are presenting in the corresponding profile tab of the Partner.


The Authors may also be buyers of the Partner services for their initiative and at their own expense.


Information about the commission, which is charging by is here: Pricing & Fees.


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