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The Collective Producing.
Supporting of your talent in exchange for sharing the fruits of your creativity!

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For Co-producers:


If you want to try your hand at the co-producing of young talents or to support start-uppers - You are here!


The goal: belong to opening and growth of  SUPERNOVA  STARS  in many creative fields.


You sign up and create your profile.

It is necessary to manage your wallet and interaction with other Co-producers who supported a concrete Author. You can control publicity of Your data.  In exchange for Your support, the Authors are transmitting in sharing of the right on displayed Works and on the results of their creative work in this Category resulting from Your Co-producing. The validity of active co-producing is defining in 90 months, with the possibility of further prolongation for the agreement of the parties.

Income received from the transmitted rights are dividing between the parties in accordance with the Pricing & Fees.

The financial support is based on cash contributions.

Contributions are not limited. After Co-producer contributes ones, he can repeat contribute many times. Contributions come into registered Authors Funds. The Fund are managing directly by the Co-producers, who contributed.


The purpose of the Funds, as well as all the activities of the Co-producers - training and promotion of Authors and promotion of their Works, instead of the direct transferring of funds to the Authors. Cooperation with Co-producers is hidden from other users of the site. Only Co-producers who contributed to the Funds of a specific Author can make proposals, develop solutions, select the decisions and implement them. The selection and decision-making take place through direct elections. One voice is a monetary unit of participation, taking into account the coefficient of "priority of participation." Those who contributed earlier have higher voting weight.

A weight of votes (participation of priority):


3X      I    level from 1 to 100 Co-producer

2X      II   level from 101 to 1000 Co-producer

1X      III  level from 1001 to 10,000 Co-producer.



Taking into account the priority of participation the weight of the Co-producer’s vote is not identical to the share in the income distribution. The revenues are distributed in proportion to the amounts of participation.


The price of one voice – one cent.

A visual level of the number of Co-producers who took part in supporting the Work and its Author is displayed by a special mark of status. The mark is situated in the upper right corner of the Work and/or Author's avatar.


The status marks are represented by circles situated in the upper right corner:

- gray ringmeans that Author have no Co-producers and his Works are not on the TOP positions. This author will not be able to receive promotion till realization one of the following steps:
 1) Until one of the Author’s Works will be placed in the top position; 2) When Author will make the registration fee.

- green circle - the start of producing, from 1 to 100 co-producers;
- blue circle - from 101 to 1,000 co-producers;
- red circle - from 1001 to 9999 co-producers;
- The ImeStar Logo - 10,000 co-producers (complete cycle).


There is no limit on the number of Co-producers of the Author or his Work.  After reaching the status of      ImeStar label (complete cycle), existing Co-producers may decide to continue the possibility of joining the new Co-producers. In contrast, the premature decision of non-acceptance the new Co-producers is considered to be unenforceable (will not work) and illegitimate. 


The Co-producers got two groups of standard solutions available to them:

1) group of standard solutions, which promotes Authors or their Works;

2) group of standard solutions, which is responsible for improving and obtaining the necessary skills of the Author.

Other decisions related to the Partner Services offline Co-producers develop independently by making the appropriate suggestions. Suggestions received the largest support among the Co-producers - get on the voting which should formalize the decision.

A suggestion of Co-producers, in a result us a decision, should have all the necessary essential conditions (characteristics), for their successful implementation:

- the period up to which this decision is actual;

- implementation period of the decision;

- who has to implement or directly is responsible for implementation of this decision (including  the involved resources);

- the budget;

- action or the result which should be submitted as a result thereof.


The approved amount is debited from the account of the Fund and credited to Partner's account only after the terms of the transaction with a Partner, who provides services and after the decision to pay from the Fund. History of transactions and final balances are presented in the corresponding Co-Producer's  Profile tab.

Functional of Co-producer's personal profile allows to solve problems in a collective decision-making, accounting and cash statistics, supported Authors and their Works.


Selling the rights on Author's Works and/or Services is made on the basis of the offer from an interested Buyer. Co-producers with active Author's participation have the power to accept, reject or make a counter-offers.
The Author has the right of veto if something is unacceptable for him.


Selling the rights as well as the transition of this right is carried out at the moment of enrollment  the funds to the transmitting side. Provided that payments stretched in time (e.g. royalties), control over the timely execution of such payments (including compliance with the other terms of the agreement) undertakes the transmitting (selling) side. In our case, it is the Co-producers pool that accepted this decision.  If disputes arise, playground is ready to present all the material for the preparation, adoption, and implementation of such deals occurring within platform.



Refund to a Co-producer is possible within three weeks (21 days) from the date of received requests but on the condition that these funds are credited and are on a Co-producer's personal account. The funds return due to deducting money from a fee (see Pricing & Fees).

Funds enrolled in the nominal Authors Fund, can be refunded only by a common decision of Co-producers, who manage this Fund at the moment. only provides a platform and service - the direct management of funds is carried out by Co-producers.  The procedure and the order of adoption such decisions concerning the withdrawal of funds from the Fund and leaving the Fund by Co-producer is standard, as well as any other decision on the management of the Fund.

Withdrawal of funds from the platform received and owned by a Co-producer is possible due to deducting money from a fee (see Pricing & Fees).


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