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How big is infinity?

from Dennis Wildfogel Wed Mar 02, 2016

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Using the fundamentals of set theory, explore the mind-bending concept of the "infinity of infinities" -- and how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contains unanswerable questions.

Lesson by Dennis Wildfogel,   animation by Augenblick Studios.

Aaron Augenblick   Director

Dennis Wildfogel    Educator

Hal Lee                 Animator

Lisa Thomas         Producer     

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Comments 4

Authorize please.

  • James Malbon Harrison

    Hi Deis,
    Thaks fo makig this fatastic video!
    A few yeas ago I made a sculptue etitled ‘The Hads of Cato’, that used the Cotiuum Hypothesis as a jumpig off poit. Afte I fist ead about Geog Cato ad set theoy, I had a deam that he had a ifiite umbe of figes o each had. I became obsessed with ceatig a sculptue out of that deam. Hee is a lik to a shot book I made about the poject. You might be oe of the few people that would actually get a kick out of it!

    I’d be happy to sed you a had copy if you would like oe.

    I’m eally lookig fowad to viewig the est of the Ted seies with my so!

    Best Wishes,

    James Haiso

  • Matthew W. Parker

    Hello Deis. I eally ejoyed you video. You might be iteested to kow that mathematicias i Pisa ae ow developig ew theoies of tasfiite umbe whee the whole is always geate tha the pat ad 1-1 coespodece does ot imply equal umbe. You might ejoy my pape o this, “Set Size ad the Pat-Whole Piciple,” i the Review of Symbolic Logic. (Shote, less fomal vesio available fo fee o Scibd ad PhilPapes.)

    Also, I thik I caught aothe eo. I thik Gödel poved that the Cotiuum Hypothesis is cosistet with ZFC i 1940, ot the 20s.

    But geat video all aoud.

    • Dennis Wildfogel

      Thanks for your comments, Matt! You are of course absolutely correct that Gödel’s result was published in 1940.

  • Rawle Turner

    Hi Dennis, Thanks so much for this very interesting video. At 1:15 you mention that matching is a more fundamental operation than addition. Are there any other operations that are like matching in that respect? Are there operations more fundamental than matching?


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