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my story of what I do

from Devin Graham Sat Jan 09, 2016

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All the aerial videography was done by my friend Chris Newman!
You can contact them in the links below! :)

This video was shot on the backlot of Universal Studios featuring these amazing actors:
Christian Busath, Leanna Pareja, and Christian Mortensen


Fighting for your passion - Inside Look at what I do for a living


I made this videos in response of 1000 of emails I get from people asking me to tell my story of what I do. This is only the first of many videos I will do covering my story of how I got where I am, why I do it, and what drives me. My goal with any of these videos is to inspire and remind people that if you love something do it, pursue your dreams, don't wait until it's all over, no regrets, seize the day.


Music in this video was done by my friend Stephen Anderson. It's from music he composed specifically for my Tahiti and Washington videos which I'll post links to down below.

Here's links to download the songs on iTunes.


The original cliff diving video I did with my friends at Proof sunglasses.




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