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from Heather Rooney Thu Nov 27, 2014

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Prismacolor colored pencil drawing - In memory of Robin Williams, who brought us so many laughs and smiles. He will truly be missed. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I am currently starting a very big project which is going to include a series of self portraits. I'm not drawing just a bunch of random pictures of myself - there is more meaning to it than that. I was considering posting each one as I finish, but I've decided to wait until I have the series finished because I feel they should be viewed together, to understand the whole idea behind it. This is going to take some time - I'm not sure exactly how many I'm drawing but some will be at a larger scale than I usually do. I won't have this project finished until possibly March or April, which means I probably won't have any portraits to show you until then.

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